This is not the official website for BioCan Renewables LTD. This domain was secured for them, but never paid for. Due to breach of contract, we are maintaining ownership of the domain and building this site to share information about the actions of this company and Enviromax Recycling.

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So here we have a newly established corporation BioCan Renewables LTD. Getting ready to start a grease collection business in the GTA. But it isn't really new is it? The new corporation and its officers are busy moving over assets from Enviromax to BioCan Renewables.

Wait, is it legal to abandon one corporation and start another for reasons which appear to us to be largely driven by trying to avoid paying debts, avoid contract and do so just days after you take investment money from someone?  In addition to recently securing funding for Enviromax operations, Enviromax has substantial outstanding debt, both locally and to companies in the US. Employees are owed back pay, back rent due, mechanics due for repairs, liens on trucks, on and on. 

Most people, and generally the law, doesn't think it is legitimate to take someone's money and close the business just a few days later,  but Anthony seems to:

[6/6/16 1:40 PM] Anthony (+1 647-390-1630): That's why I have a corporation and nothing is held to myself.

Yeah, but you made personal guarantee, and while it is clear you don't understand what that means, it is significant and generally means the holder of the guarantee can attach your and your wife's personal assets.  Anyhow, corporate protection doesn't work like that in the real world in any case. Many would think taking a loan for a company and within days shutting down and moving assets to a new corporation to avoid contracts and debt is actually fraud. And, many would also think the officers performing such action would also be involved as accomplices and implicated in potentially criminal activity.

Update June 16th,, coming from Corporations Canada regarding the closing of one corp and moving over of assets to a new corp, in effort to evade debt, breach of contact, and/or move/shield assets:CBAC Criminal
So quite clear there is a potential of criminal activity on the part of the officers of Enviromax and BioCan />
Who are the officers in BioCan? Glad you asked!

BioCan Corp Officers
Source is public record: Federal Corporate Records

Well shucks, BioCan Renewables is a family business! Anthony, Mommy and Auntie.   

Hey wait, are mommy and auntie involved with the moving over of Enviromax assets to BioCan Renewables?  Glad you asked, seems like they are!

Moving Accounts, a family affair

Pretty sure Mary Lou was the bookkeeper at Enviromax too. Hmm, interesting things going on. Did you accidentally expose your family and their assets to potential legal action for criminal activity such as fraud? That would be a bad son indeed!

UglySo what is the story with this Anthony guy? Sounds like a lot of people have had issues with him or his company. Well, according to himself, he moved to Oakville some time ago, and this is an actual quote: "I became an asshole", "I lied, I manipulated, people needed to be the way I needed them to be" "you would manipulate situations, you would do anything it took to get what you needed. So I was bad, I wasn't a good son... and I wasn't a good friend"

Seriously? Are we making this up? No, this is an actual quote, abbreviated, but exact words. Check it out here, appended from his YouTube vlog.

WWow, that is some far out stuff.  Sadly, from our experience this behavior isn't over, far from it actually. In our experience, we have documented lies and manipulated us to get what he wants, we allege to the point that he perpetrated fraud and theft by deception, that's our experience and we are working to prosecute for it. Sadly it would appear his actions have the potential to drag his family into trouble as well, so yeah not a good son if that is actually the result.  And it appears he is in fact a bad friend, look how one ex employee and supposed friend was treated after not being paid:


Wow, that's kind of messed up, especially since Anthony was lent funds specifically to make back payments to employees just two week prior to this email.  But, we had to verified this, it was an unsolicited email we received.  So what does Anthony have to say to this?

[5/19/16 12:10 PM] Anthony (+1 647-390-1630): But as for [edited] he can go fuck himself I'll deal with him /em>

hmmm. "I'll deal with him..." Ominous isn't it? Kind of threatening?  Okay, so still an asshole and bad friend it would seem.

On that note, Anthony accused several employees of what basically amounts to collusion or racketeering, and sabotage, stealing product and trade secrets (client lists).  I heard from some people perhaps some clients went with one employee the supposed "ring leader", but when asked specifically for evidence on the more serious accusations, no proof was provided by Anthony, just more threats:



I came across these messages showing just how far off Anthony's view on things can be, seems somewhat delusional to me. I experienced such behavior, efforts to manipulate me or make me do something he wanted, completely out of touch with reality of the situation.   In example, Anthony is texting me about how this customer likes him and is begging for this or that and misses their friendship, whereas the email I received from this person paints a very, very different story.  How do you account for such disparate views?Delustional


It is clear to us that not only are ethically questionable actions taking place, but we see multiple criminal actions have transpired, including grease theft, vandalism/destruction of personal property, abandoning/dumping grease and food waste on private property, receiving stolen goods (oil), selling stolen goods(oil), and our favorite- fraud.  We are in the process of investigating these actions further,  we already have some definitive proof and are working to gather additional statements and will subpoena police reports and video footage of theft and vandalism, for which we understand there are several sources showing Enviromax trucks stealing oil and/or breaking into containers. 

We're looking for other people who would be willing to discuss and provide proof if they have had issues with Anthony and/or Environmax employees, issues such as stealing oil and/or stealing or vandalizing equipment. If you would like to report any problems of theft, threats, destruction of property, etc. please feel free by emailing us here.  We will keep your contact information confidential, or if you don't want to talk with us, we can put you in contact with our local Canadian Barristers/Solicitor's office located in Toronto.

We would like to be able to include any meaningful information we are provided related to Enviromax within our reports to local officials and our  barrister, but will ask you prior to doing so. As such any information provided must be factual, supported by evidence or sworn statement, not opinions or hearsay which cannot be verified.

Finally, we wanted people to be aware that BioCan Renewables should be considered a rename to cover for Enviromax. I wouldn't expect much to change other than the name.

We want to set things straight. In our opinion, people who lie, steal, cheat, don't pay their employees, breach contract, threaten people and leave their customers stranded- such an operation does not deserve to be in business and inevitably the market will correct itself, competition will prevail.

On that note, I bet there are a lot of restaurants which need a new service provider. Guessing by the list we are looking at, I would say over 500 in the GTA.  Might be good time to look up any past clients you lost, they might be grateful for some good competitive service.


EnviromaxDissolvedSounds like there are a lot of restaurants needing service. I am getting contacted by people wondering about Enviromax containers and what is current status of the company. 

According to Enviromax CEO Anthony Caputo, Enviromax has been dissolved, "tanked bottom line".  See the accompanying text message and draw your own conclusions but we see the situation around Environmax containers as follows:

  1. If Enviromax is dissolved as Anthony claims, and he lies a lot (remember he is a self admitted liar and manipulator), so it may not be true that Enviromax is dissolved, but if it is, then Enviromax containers in public are effectively abandoned property.
    1. This assumes to begin with that the container was not stolen. If it was then it actually technically belongs to someone other than Enviromax.  Check for filed serial numbers or other indications of alteration.

    2. If the container appears to be Enviromax property, then it would seem to be abandoned property since Anthony clearly indicated Enviromax is dissolved.
    3.  Since Anthony claims Enviromax debts are not his debts ("nothing is held to myself"), nor is Biocan liable for Enviromax debts, then it stands to reason that Enviromax assets are also not Anthony's or Biocan's assets.  I mean, one cannot be so stupid as to think they can shut down a company, absolve all the debts but keep all the assets, right?  Wrong, I think he is that stupid, but that isn't legal. If the company is dissolved, then as far as we see, equipment left in public is abandoned property. 

      Do your own research and make your own decisions.

  2. Here is another interesting fact.  In our agreement with Enviromax, Enviromax restaurant accounts and equipment were listed in the contract as security collateral in the event of default, and Anthony and Enviromax have most definitely defaulted.  Technically we can claim the equipment and restaurant accounts as part of our lien, but we don't work in this area and this is not convenient. Besides, from the sound of it, there is a pretty good chance those containers are stolen. 

    However, we would be happy to assist legitimate companies in re-appropriating those accounts and equipment and can provide supporting documentation to that end. We would like to keep track of containers and ask that you send any pictures and notify us how many abandoned containers you have recovered.  We would also like to try to find the original owners of any apparently stolen containers-